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  • Skarner was designed by Volty.
  • Skarner's name is likely derived from an old Swedish mining term "skarn", which referred either to silicate waste rock or iron-bearing sulfite deposits.
    • Similarly, the name of Skarner's people is derived from "brack", a Scottish past tense for break.
  • Skarner is voiced by David Lodge, who also voices ГалиоSquare.png Galio.
  • Skarner was first seen in BrandSquare.png Brand's Art Spotlight. The Art Spotlight was removed when the leak was noticed, and replaced with an edited version.
  • Some champions, prior to their release, have an article in the Journal of Justice which foreshadows their arrival. As Skarner's arrival ties directly into the fate of Kalamanda, his entry as a champion has been the longest known buildup in LoL's official lore.
  • Skarner ties for highest base damage at level 18 with Cho'Gath (130).
  • Skarner's site of emergence, the Crystal Scar, is the Field of Justice for Dominion.
  • IronStylus has stated that Skarner's head is based on an EVA unit from Neon Genesis Evangelion.
  • In the U.R.F game mode (available in April 2014), Skarner was deemed overpowered and obnoxious, and was ultimately disabled in non-custom games.

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  • His joke: "Oh no! I seem to have stepped on one of my cousins!" is most likely a reference to the first Men in Black movie.
  • SkarnerSquare.png Skarner shares a line with Kha'ZixSquare.png Kha'Zix: "Limb from limb!"
  • Skarner's quote while standing in the brush for a time (Skar-Skar-Skarner!) is a reference to the Pokémon franchise, specificially those who say their own name as their racial cry.

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SkarnerSquare.png Earthrune Skarner [О|З]
  • It bears a resemblance to the elementals of the Selesnya Conclave of Ravnica in that they are made of bits of masonry connected by a system of plants. Examples of Selesnya elementals can be found here and here.
  • He shares this theme with Xerath.
SkarnerSquare.png Battlecast Skarner [О|З]

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Skarner Art Spotlight06:43

Skarner Art Spotlight

Art Spotlight

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