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  • During his Art Spotlight, a tab for Jarvan IVSquare.png Jarvan IV can faintly be seen at the top.
    • Later during the Art Spotlight, a tab is seen titled "blindmonk", which refers to Lee SinSquare.png Lee Sin.
  • Maokai was designed by Volty.
  • Maokai is an anagram for "I Am Oak".
  • Maokai was named after an artist at Riot whose real name is Maokai.[1]
  • Maokai's look, sounds, and attitude can be linked to the Ents in The Lord of the Rings saga.
  • Maokai is the first champion to be "born" on the Fields of Justice.
  • Although design-wise there is no clue that Maokai is an Oriental character like Xin ZhaoSquare.png Xin Zhao. His name follows the Mandarin pinyin scheme like Xin ZhaoSquare.png Xin Zhao (while Lee SinSquare.png Lee Sin's name is of different scheme). The official Chinese vendor translates his name as 茂凯 which literally means "lush (vegetation)-triumphant".
  • Maokai was originally intended to be just a Support/Tank when he was first released however it was realized that Maokai made a better Jungler with strong ganking capabilities.
  • The rune spiral that is on Maokais' ult is the same rune that is attached to XerathSquare.png Xerath's chest.
  • His /dance is a reference to the Harlem Globetrotters.
  • Maokai shares a place with PoppySquare.png Poppy in having the highest base armor of any champion at level 18 (90 armor).

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MaokaiSquare.png Totemic Maokai [О|З]
  • It is based on a totem, which is an animal or other natural figure that spiritually represents a group of related people such as a clan.
MaokaiSquare.png Festive Maokai [О|З]
  • It is only available during the Snowdown Showdown and through Gifting Center choosing Mystery Gift option.
  • Festive Maokai is based on the Christmas tree.
  • In the picture frame on Festive Maokai's artwork, the Snowdown Showdown art for 2011 can be seen.
MaokaiSquare.png Haunted Maokai [О|З]
  • IT is only available during the Harrowing and through Gifting Center choosing Mystery Gift option.
  • Haunted Maokai resembles part of a reanimated Graveyard.
  • Haunted Maokai and BrandSquare.png Zombie Brand are the first skins that have animation on respawn.

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  • Maokai is a former nature spirit from the Shadow Isles that was forcibly bound to a tree once the land was corrupted. He despises the existence that was thrust upon him as he felt it was a corruption of nature and so fights as a soldier of nature.
  • Maokai despises humans and their chaotic use of magic as it was responsible for his physical corruption and that of his home.
  • Although Maokai and MalphiteSquare.png Malphite have different attitudes regarding their being brought to life, Malphite stated that he is "...proud to call the Twisted Treant my ally", suggesting that these two elemental champions get along quite well despite their differences.
  • According to League of Legends Beta site Maokai is rival with Zyra, probably because of difference in their attitude towards humans and human world.

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Maokai Art Spotlight06:43

Maokai Art Spotlight

Art Spotlight

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