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  • Traditional Lee Sin
  • Acolyte Lee Sin
  • Dragon Fist Lee Sin

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  • Lee Sin was designed by Coronach.
  • Lee Sin's name is a homophone of the word "listen."
    • A rough translation of his name in Spanish is "no reading".
    • His name written in Chinese/Japanese is 李青, which literally means "Plum Azure/Blue/Green", here. In Japanese is it pronounced as "Ri Sei" (Ree-say).
  • His self-immolation from the lore is a reference to the real life monk who publicly set himself on fire. He did this as an act of protest against the persecution of Buddhism in South Vietnam.
  • Lee Sin is the first champion to feature two champion spotlights, a real one and a fake one for April Fool's.
  • Lee Sin is the first champion to use energy that is not a ninja. Though, similar to the other ninjas, he is a champion that hails from Ionia.
  • Lee Sin shares a quote with SorakaSquare.png Soraka, "Where am I needed?"
  • Lee Sin is one of seven champions to have more than 4 skills, the others being NidaleeSquare.png Nidalee, JayceSquare.png JayceEliseSquare.png Elise, KarmaSquare.png Karma, HeimerdingerSquare.png Heimerdinger, and GnarSquare.png Gnar.
    • Lee Sin was the second champion to have more than 4 skills.
  • Lee Sin is the first monk type champion announced but the second to be released after UdyrSquare.png Udyr.
  • Lee Sin is the only allegedly cancelled Champion to be introduced to the game under his original name.
    • Lee Sin was a cancelled Champion that got brought back by community popularity and support.
  • Lee Sin's dance style is referenced to one of 'Mighty Steel Legs' moves in the movie Shaolin Soccer. A side-by-side comparison can be seen here.
  • Lee Sin is the first champion to be re-designed and to be given a re-launch skin in technicality as his classic skin was originally the Lee SinSquare.png Traditional Lee Sin skin, however the change occurred before his release.

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Lee SinSquare.png Original Lee Sin [О|З]
  • For April Fool's, the original Classic skin artwork used to have the deceased champion UrfSquare.png Urf, the Manatee, who could be seen at the bottom left of the artwork.
Lee SinSquare.png Traditional
  • It resembles how he looked before his official release (seen in the second official trailer), here.
    • He can be seen at around 0:11, between JaxSquare.png Jax and TeemoSquare.png Teemo.
Lee SinSquare.png Acolyte Lee Sin [О|З]
  • It was meant to show his appearance during his time as a summoner in training.
Lee SinSquare.png Dragon Fist Lee Sin [О|З]
  • This skin is released in Lunar Revel 2012. It is a tribute to Bruce Lee, the famed martial artist/actor of 1970's action movies. The skin seems to be specifically referencing his trademark look first seen in Enter the Dragon.
    • Lee Sin's idle animation are Bruce Lee's mannerisms when he is serious.
    • Lee Sin in the Chinese servers happens to also have the same character written for his last name (李) as Bruce Lee's, which literally means "plum", and with it being a common Chinese surname.
Lee SinSquare.png Muay Thai Lee Sin [О|З]
Lee SinSquare.png Pool Party Lee Sin [О|З]

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  • Lee Sin was once a summoner-in-training at the League, before committing a devastating incident which left him with profound guilt. After the devastating incident, he traveled to the Shojin Monastery in Ionia in order to repent, becoming a brethren to the monks there.
  • Lee Sin's former mentor was High Councilor Reginald Ashram, the first leader of the League.
  • Lee Sin has a sister from the now liberated province of Galrin.
  • Lee Sin did an interview with L. B. Briskes on a raft over Lake Contemplation.
  • According to the Forum and Lee SinSquare.png Pool Party Lee Sin Splash Art, Lee Sin and Nidalee might be considered an affectionate couple.

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Lee Sin Art Spotlight06:38

Lee Sin Art Spotlight

Art Spotlight

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