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  • Kha'ZixSquare.png Kha'Zix is most of time played as an AD assassin. Due to his high scalings and only decent base damage, he is generally played with only offensive items (save for a defensive item like Guardian Angel item.png Guardian Angel and Banshee's Veil item.png Banshee's Veil). However, if required, Kha'Zix can also be used as an off-tank, or even as a full tank (save one offensive item). Due to recent changes on his ultimate, however, this is not recommended as a general build; you should only build Kha'Zix as an off-tank or full-tank if your team specifically needs such champion.
  • Due to recent nerfs on his damage and his isolation radius, Kha'Zix has a much harder time on lanes; he is easier to counter than ever, as in the mid lane, there are many mages that can harass him from range and punish him for jumping, while the top lane has too much bruisers that can outdamage Kha'Zix (even when they are isolated). As such, Kha'Zix is generally played by most players on the jungle, where he doesn't risk facing a counter, and he has good ganks due to his long range jump (especially when evolved) and his ultimate stealth, allowing him to surprise ganks post 6, while becoming a threat late-game with a full-build.
    • Kha'Zix is still viable on lanes against some matchups. When going on mid lane, specifically, it is also possible to roam and gank other lanes, just as if he was on the jungle. Keep in mind that Kha'Zix is still very weak early game, and he is less effective at actually killing targets due to his damage being lower than the average damage for an assassin. However, Kha'Zix has much shorter cooldowns than other assassins, and generally doesn't become useless after a kill.
  • Kha'Zix is as an AD caster; as such, it is recommended to invest on attack damage, armor penetration, and cooldown reduction, over stats such as attack speed and lifesteal, which doesn't benefit Kha'Zix as much as other champions.

Skill usage Править

  • Enemies are considered isolated if they have no allies within a short distance. The damage of Taste Their Fear.png Taste Their Fear is massively increased against these targets.
    • This includes neutral monsters so it can be worthwhile to kill off the lesser monsters first so the tougher, final monster will take considerable extra damage from Taste Their Fear.png Taste Their Fear. However, this tactic should be used selectively as it does not noticeably reduce clear time, and you may even incur extra damage by letting the tougher monster live longer.
    • Kha'ZixSquare.png Kha'Zix works well with allies who punish enemies for staying close together such as AlistarSquare.png Alistar or VarusSquare.png Varus.
    • He also works well with allies who have abilities that can separate and isolate enemies, such as GragasSquare.png Gragas and Xin ZhaoSquare.png Xin Zhao.
  • Unseen Threat.png Unseen Threat activates when Kha'ZixSquare.png Kha'Zix cannot be seen by the enemy team, so you can reactivate it by using brush or Void Assault.png Void Assault. This can be used as an effective form of harass in lane or to provide steady but heavy damage output.
    • Unseen Threat.png Unseen Threat can also be an effective way to check for wards as Kha'ZixSquare.png Kha'Zix will only receive the buff when the enemy team loses sight of him.
  • Use the multiple periods of stealth granted by Void Assault.png Void Assault to juke enemy skills. Void Assault.png Void Assault gives Kha'ZixSquare.png Kha'Zix incredibly high mobility.
    • If you have invested an evolution point into Void Assault.png Void Assault, you can use the extended stealth and additional charge to further juke and chase down enemies, making Kha'Zix a very persistent predator.
  • When ganking before level 6, try to keep Leap.png Leap available in case the enemy uses Flash.png Flash or other escape skills.
  • From levels 6 and up, use Void Assault.png Void Assault as soon as you leave the brush in order to surprise the enemy. Use the second cast (or the third, if evolved) for its mobility in case you need to chase or flee.
  • If you evolve Leap its cooldown refreshes on kill or assist. You can double (or even triple, quadra, or penta) jump if you leave wounded (including damage from you) enemy to be killed by your allies. In this case you jump just before your foe dies and seconds after cooldown of your leap is refreshed meaning you can jump multiple times. Use this trick to surprise your prey when they leave their allies to death not expecting you travel such a great distance in such a short time.
  • When you evolve abilities you are adapting for 4 different play styles:
    • Evolving Taste Their Fear.png Taste Their Fear grants you massive burst damage against isolated champions on low health; useful for counter jungling, defending against opposing counter jungling or landing a quicker killing blow on an isolated champion.
    • Evolving Void Spike.png Void Spike grants you a very powerful harass and farming potential early game. The slow works both defensively and offensively to slow enemy champions. The explosive radius of Void Spike is effectively tripled, if shot correctly, allowing for maximum damage output. (Enemies can only be damaged by one explosion, the same goes for the heal on Kha'ZixSquare.png Kha'Zix)
    • Evolving Leap.png Leap grants you immense ganking potential, due to the extreme range (roughly two times Flash.png Flash) and the instant refresh on killing/assisting a champion. A useful tactic is to jump to an isolated enemy, slow them with Unseen Threat.png Unseen Threat, do maximum damage with Taste Their Fear.png Taste Their Fear and following the kill your Leap.png Leap will be ready for another gank.
    • Evolving Void Assault.png Void Assault grants you an extra use of the Ultimate before going on cooldown; essentially granting you an additional use of the passive, the speed bonus and 1 more second of stealth. This allows Kha'Zix to more easily chase down and evade enemies, making it easier to attack selective targets.

Build Usage Править

  • Because Kha'zix's abilities all do physical damage, armor penetration is ridiculously good on him. The Brutalizer item.png The Brutalizer and Last Whisper item.png Last Whisper are well advised.
    • You can then upgrade the Brutalizer into Youmuu's Ghostblade item.png Youmuu's Ghostblade/The Black Cleaver item.png The Black Cleaver (Youmuu's is preferred by many players for the chasing ability).
      • Furthermore, you can go dmg/utility items that proc bonus physical damage - Sheen item.png Sheen/Trinity Force item.png Trinity Force, Blade of the Ruined King item.png Blade of the Ruined King and Manamune item.png Manamune/Muramana item.png Muramana. Although not as useful for AD ratios, their bonus physical dmg goes great with the armor penetration and their utility (bonus movement speed from two sources and mana) is second to none.
        • This build is INCREDIBLY powerful, as it does more burst damage than basically any other build possible on Kha'zix, plus it has THREE speedups. Note that Muramana procs on all autoattacks AND single target abilities, including the BOTRK active.
      • Furthermore, you'll have three speedups - assuming 325 movement speed for both you and your target (lvl1 without boots on slow champs), you'll get 25% of their movement speed (81) from BOTRK active, 20 from Trinity Force, and 20% (65) from Youmuu's = at least 166, or 51% speedup.
      • Another possible mana item to use alongside Muramana is Frozen Heart item.png Frozen Heart. This item offers no damage, but it has cooldown reduction, and the armor and passive allows Kha'Zix to better deal with auto-attack based champions, mainly ADCs.
      • However, this build makes Kha'Zix early game very weak, as he can't buy strong AD items like Ravenous Hydra and start to snowball. He is also likely to become vulnerable to early game harass and zoning, and lose a lot of killing potential over its enemy. At late-game, however, this build has the most survivability and teamfighting potential out of all builds that Kha'Zix can use.
  • The Black Cleaver item.png The Black Cleaver is a very good item, as it grants Kha'ZixSquare.png Kha'Zix all the core stats he needs to perform his role as an assassin.
  • When going top, it’s possible to get a Spirit of the Elder Lizard item.png Spirit of the Elder Lizard. The DoT passive is good for exchanging damage in lane, and the increased damage on monsters helps when you steal camps from the enemy jungler.
  • It is a good idea to get Mercurial Scimitar item.png Mercurial Scimitar if there are a lot of crowd control champions on the enemy team. This item is especially useful against MalzaharSquare.png Malzahar and SkarnerSquare.png Skarner since their ultimates can spell death for Kha'Zix.
    • However, if the enemy team doesn't have a lot of crowd control, and you still need protection against magic damage, Hexdrinker item.png Hexdrinker is a better choice. This item's passive allows Kha'Zix to survive the burst from champions like LeBlancSquare.png LeBlanc and BrandSquare.png Brand. It can be later upgraded to Maw of Malmortius item.png Maw of Malmortius for better assassination.
  • Building Trinity Force item.png Trinity Force on Kha'ZixSquare.png Kha'Zix if you are doing well is an excellent choice. Because of its movement speed boost, damage-multiplier and higher crit chance it synergizes well with his two main damage sources: his auto-attacks and his Taste Their Fear.png Taste Their Fear.
    • Trinity Force item.png Trinity Force also procs the damage buff every time you activate Void Assault.png Void Assault, if you wait for the two-second cooldown of the item between one activation and another. So if you evolve Active Camouflage, when you use your ultimate you'll get three bursts of damage within 4-5 seconds.
    • However, if going a more defensive route, Iceborn Gauntlet item.png Iceborn Gauntlet can be very effective with the added armor and cooldown reduction, and is a great alternative if you can't get the gold for a Trinity Force item.png Trinity Force fast enough. The added slow can also help isolate champions better by zoning them out and focusing in on them.
  • Kha'ZixSquare.png Kha'Zix benefits much more from spell vamp than he does from lifesteal.
    • Out of all the spell vamp items, the one most viable at the moment on Kha'ZixSquare.png Kha'Zix is Hextech Gunblade item.png Hextech Gunblade.  Although AP should not be a priority on him, it is by no means wasted thanks to the strong heal from Void Spike.png Void Spike and the damage from Unseen Threat.png Unseen Threat, both of which he should be constantly procing. He can build a Bilgewater Cutlass item.png Bilgewater Cutlass early, and it can be upgraded to Hextech Gunblade item.png Hextech Gunblade later in the game when cost efficiency is not that much of an issue. Apart from the stats, the active from both items is very useful.
  • Spirit Visage item.png Spirit Visage provides cheap mid-game stats and gives additional healing from Void Spike.png Void Spike and any lifesteal or spell vamp you have built.
  • As for boots, Ionian Boots of Lucidity item.png Ionian Boots of Lucidity offer cooldown reduction, and thus are the best boots to use on Kha'Zix.
    • Because Kha'Zix is very vulnerable to crowd control, however, Mercury's Treads item.png Mercury's Treads may be a better choice. These boots are also good if there are a lot of magic damage on the enemy's team. Ninja Tabi item.png Ninja Tabi is also viable if Kha'Zix is against an AD champion that pokes a lot.
    • If you are jungling or if you plan to roam a lot, Boots of Mobility item.png Boots of Mobility is another viable choice, but you should sell this boots late-game for one of the above options, when roaming becomes less relevant for the game.
    • Kha'Zix already has low cooldowns on Taste Their Fear.png Taste Their Fear and Void Spike.png Void Spike, so he may not need Ionian Boots that much. Keep in mind, however, that cooldown reduction can make a difference during trades, and that Leap.png Leap and Void Assault.png Void Assault still have long cooldowns.
  • Ravenous Hydra item.png Ravenous Hydra is the best lifesteal item for Kha'Zix. Despite Kha'Zix being encouraged to fight isolated targets (and thus, wasting this item's passive), Ravenous Hydra's active effect adds to his burst damage. Another reason to use this item is because when not evolving W, Kha'Zix cannot clear minion waves efficiently.
    • This item's passive is also great if Kha'Zix is jungling, because when combined with Spirit of the Elder Lizard item.png Spirit of the Elder Lizard, this allows him to clear and sustain from jungle camps very fast.
    • The Bloodthirster item.png The Bloodthirster is still a viable choice because of the shield and because it offers more lifesteal. This item's passive is also not wasted when the target is isolated, and it also offers slighty more AD.
    • There is also Essence Reaver item.png Essence Reaver as another lifesteal item. This item doesn't offer the clearing and burst capabilities from Ravenous Hydra, nor it offers as much lifesteal as The Bloodthisther, and doesn't offer a shield. However, Essence Reaver allows Kha'Zix to regain mana and take away the need to stack Tear of the Goddess item.png Tear of the Goddess. Also, it offers cooldown reduction.

Recommended builds Править

Summoner's Rift
Starting Boots of Speed item Health Potion item4 24px
Essential Ionian Boots of Lucidity item The Brutalizer item Manamune item
Offensive Trinity Force item The Black Cleaver item The Bloodthirster item Last Whisper item
Defensive Maw of Malmortius item Guardian Angel item
Consumables Health Potion item Mana Potion item Sight Ward item
The Howling Abyss
Starting Boots of Speed item Doran's Shield item Doran's Blade item Health Potion item2
Essential Ionian Boots of Lucidity item Manamune item Sheen item
Offensive Trinity Force item Last Whisper item Sanguine Blade item
Defensive Maw of Malmortius item Iceborn Gauntlet item Spirit Visage item
Consumables Health Potion item Mana Potion item
The Crystal Scar
Starting Boots of Speed item Long Sword item2 Health Potion item3
Essential Ionian Boots of Lucidity item Sheen item The Brutalizer item
Offensive Trinity Force item The Black Cleaver item Sanguine Blade item
Defensive Maw of Malmortius item Sunfire Cape item Frozen Heart item
Consumables Health Potion item Mana Potion item
The Twisted Treeline
Starting Boots of Speed item Doran's Blade item 24px
Essential Ionian Boots of Lucidity item Sheen item The Brutalizer item
Offensive Trinity Force item The Black Cleaver item Sanguine Blade item
Defensive Maw of Malmortius item Sunfire Cape item Frozen Heart item
Consumables Health Potion item Mana Potion item

Countering Править

  • Taste Their Fear.png Taste Their Fear deals bonus damage to targets that are isolated. Take the advantage by fighting near allied champions, or turrets.
  • Leap.png Leap and Void Assault.png Void Assault have long cooldowns and Kha'Zix is very vulnerable when these are not available.
  • Don't fight against Kha'ZixSquare.png Kha'Zix near brush, as Unseen Threat.png Unseen Threat resets each time you lose sight of him, allowing him to increase his damage output by moving in and out of the brush.
  • Kha'ZixSquare.png Champion appearance changes slightly every time he evolves; watching him closely can give you a warning as to which of his abilities are evolved.
    • If his claws are longer and serrated, then Kha'ZixSquare.png Kha'Zix has evolved Taste Their Fear.png Taste Their Fear, Gaining bonus damage for it and his passive Unseen Threat.png Unseen Threat along with increased basic attack range.
    • If the two rows of spikes on his shoulders have gotten bigger, then Kha'ZixSquare.png Kha'Zix has evolved Void Spike.png Void Spike, causing him to shoot three pairs of spikes instead of one, covering a wider area.
    • If a pair of wings are stretching out of his back, then Kha'ZixSquare.png Kha'Zix has evolved Leap.png Leap, greatly increasing its range and instantly refreshing it if he gets a kill or assist.
    • If Kha'ZixSquare.png Champion body has changed color then he has evolved Void Assault.png Void Assault, allowing him to cast it three times before going on cooldown instead of two and takes reduced damage.
    • Note that all these evolutions will also show up as buffs if you click on Kha'ZixSquare.png Kha'Zix himself.
  • When laning against Kha'ZixSquare.png Kha'Zix, placing wards in the bushes can prevent him from using his passive Unseen Threat.png Unseen Threat, reducing his overall damage output.
  • Whilst he is evolving an ability, he will have a small period where he cannot act. Use this time to initiate on him, if possible.
  • In general, revealing Kha'ZixSquare.png Kha'Zix when he stealths using Void Assault.png Void Assault will cripple Kha'Zix a lot, as he will lose his advantage on trades, his ganks can possibly fail, and if his Leap.png Leap is on cooldown, he effectively has no escapes. Using items like Vision Ward item.png Vision Ward and Sweeping Lens Sweeping Lens is thus, recommended.
  • Counterpicks to Kha'ZixSquare.png Kha'Zix include champions who can CC and damage Kha'Zix when he uses his Leap.png Leap, as he can't jump on them safely. For example, KennenSquare.png Kennen can use Lightning Rush.png Lightning Rush to escape from Kha'Zix range, applying a stack of Mark of the Storm.png Mark of the Storm, then throw a Thundering Shuriken.png Thundering Shuriken and activate Electrical Surge.png Electrical Surge to stun and heavily damage Kha'Zix. Another example is LuxSquare.png Lux: she can counter his Leap with Light Binding.png Light Binding then unleash her entire combo on Kha'Zix.
  • It's also possible to counter Kha'Zix using champions who have pets or clones, as those prevents Kha'Zix from having the isolated bonus from his Taste Their Fear.png Taste Their Fear. Examples include HeimerdingerSquare.png Heimerdinger (H-28G Evolution Turret.png H-28G Evolution Turret), ЙорикSquare.png Yorick (Omens of Omen of War.png War, Omen of Pestilence.png Pestilence, and Omen of Famine.png Famine) Shaco (Jack In The Box) and WukongSquare.png Wukong (Decoy.png Decoy)
  • LuluSquare.png Lulu is a nightmare for Kha'ZixSquare.png Kha'Zix because not only her Help, Pix!.png Help, Pix! can reveal Kha'Zix while he uses Void Assault.png Void Assault, but she also has a lot of CC and can use Wild Growth.png Wild Growth on Kha'Zix's target to greatly mitigate his burst. In short, Lulu negates all of Kha'Zix strengths during a teamfight.
    • RengarSquare.png Rengar and Lee SinSquare.png Lee Sin can also reveal Kha'Zix using Thrill of the Hunt.png Thrill of the Hunt and Tempest.png Tempest, respectively. Also, because they are very tanky while still doing a lot of damage, they can generally win duels against Kha'Zix, even when they are isolated.
  • Kha'Zix excels at counterjungling because of his Taste Their Fear.png Taste Their Fear which allows him to 1x1 most junglers due to increased damage when isolated. There are a few champions who can beat Kha'Zix even when isolated, however. FiddlesticksSquare.png Fiddlesticks is one of them, as due to his enormous sustain with Drain.png Drain he can win in 1x1 against Kha'Zix, which will lose the trade due to having mediocre sustain early game.
    • Due to its Jack In The Box Jack In The Box, ShacoSquare.png Shaco can actually counterjungle Kha'Zix effectively, as the box will make Shaco not be isolated.
    • For the same reasons as Shaco, EliseSquare.png Elise can also counterjungle Kha'Zix, as her Spider Swarm.png Spiderlings negate Kha'Zix's isolation.

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Kha'Zix Champion Spotlight

Champion Spotlight

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