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Файл:Erik Braa League of Legends Jax and Draven
  • Jax was designed by Ezreal.
  • Jax is voiced by Erik Braa, who also voices DravenSquare.png Draven and Vel'KozSquare.png Vel'Koz.
  • Jax's name may derive from the Greek warrior Ajax.
  • Jax's background does not reveal where he came from before he joined the League.
    • However, on the beta version of leagueoflegends.com his info page states that he is from Ionia.
  • Jax's outward appearance resembles the look of the "Garo ", a ninja-like tribe in "The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask".
  • In Jax's game information page on the beta version of leagueoflegends.com, his background image is an altered version of his classic artwork - altered to include a horned, shadowy figure. The shadow resembles AatroxSquare.png Aatrox, although with enough differences that it could be another of the five darkin. Riot has never spoken publically about this change or what it entails.
  • Most of Jax's special weapons are in a skin. The Lamppost (Original), Fishing rod (Angler Jax) and Cardboard tube (PAX Jax), are all in skins. This leaves the spatula and chicken foot as unused.

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JaxSquare.png Vandal Jax [О|З]
  • Vandal Jax does not appear to be related to the gang that has surfaced among the other champions with the vandal skins such as TwitchSquare.png Twitch, BrandSquare.png Brand, VladimirSquare.png Vladimir and GragasSquare.png Gragas. This is further supported by its release date, which preceded the other Vandal skins by a significant amount.
    • Vandal Jax may be a reference to Paragon Ash from PlayStation video game "Vandal Hearts" as the colour matches almost perfectly. An image of Paragon Ash can be seen here.
JaxSquare.png Jaximus [О|З]
  • Jaximus is a reference to the Murmillo, a gladiator class from the Roman Imperial Age.
    • It might also be a reference to Maximus, the protagonist of the movie 'Gladiator', although Maximus wields a sword, rather than a polearm.
    • This skin features a memorial tribute to Joe, a Ewings Sarcoma patient who visited Riot thanks to the Make A Wish Foundation. Joe passed away on June 5, 2012 [1]. The movement quote for the Jaximus skin, Joe's favorite, was changed to "Here's to you, kid!" in his memory.
JaxSquare.png PAX Jax [О|З]
  • PAX Jax is a reference to the Cardboard Tube Samurai from the web comic Penny Arcade (which hosts the Penny Arcade Expo - PAX). A symbol on the skin resembles Pac-Man and matches symbols on the Samurai's gi and the shirt of Penny Arcade protagonist Gabe.
  • He shares this theme with SivirSquare.png Sivir and Twisted FateSquare.png Twisted Fate.
JaxSquare.png The Mighty Jax [О|З]
JaxSquare.png Temple Jax [О|З]
  • The weapon is "Fangtian Huaji (方天畫戟, dagger-axe halberd)", a Chinese white arm believed to be used by Lü Bu of the Three Kingdoms era. Warring Kingdoms Jarvan is another skin using the same weapon.

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  • Jax is GragasSquare.png Gragas' drinking buddy.
  • Jax was placed into the League by High Councilor Reginald Ashram, the former leader of the League. Ashram went missing shortly before Jax's arrival.
  • In the beta website, Jax is listed as an Ionian champion.
    • FioraSquare.png Fiora is also listed as his rival.

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Jax Champion Spotlight07:07

Jax Champion Spotlight

Champion Spotlight

League of Legends Cinematic A New Dawn06:27

League of Legends Cinematic A New Dawn

A New Dawn

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