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  • Mundo was designed by Fantasyworld, an old Designer who is in Business now.
  • Mundo is voiced by J.S. Gilbert, Who also voices 20px Battlecast Prime Cho'Gath, GragasSquare.png Gragas, SionSquare.png Sion and UdyrSquare.png Udyr.
  • Mundo is the Spanish, Filipino, and Portuguese word for "world".
  • Dr. Mundo might be a reference to "Mr. Hyde", the abominated alter ego of Dr. Henry Jekyll from the 1886 book by Robert Louis Stevenson; The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde,Van Helsing movie and the video game.
  • The icons for Dr. Mundo's Burning Agony.png Burning Agony and Masochism.png Masochism skills used in game on the champion info screen show him in his original model, which was used in the early closed beta. In fact, we can see that model on a coffin of Voodoo Shaman in Autumn version of Summoner's Rift.
  • His /dance was inspired by TV series House, M.D., from this episode where Dr. House dances to the song "Fight The Power".[1] A side-by-side comparison be seen here .
  • According to Rinoa, Dr. Mundo's first name is Edmundo, named after an artist at Riot.[2]
  • Mundo is apparently lactose intolerant, as said in this post.
  • Dr. Mundo is one of the five champions who use health as a primary resource for casting spells. The other four champions are AatroxSquare.png Aatrox, MordekaiserSquare.png Mordekaiser, VladimirSquare.png Vladimir and ZacSquare.png Zac.
    • Of these five champions, Dr. Mundo is the only one to have any associated cost to use his ultimate ability (20% of his current health).

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  • Dr. Mundo's quote "Mundo...mmm...*slurp*...smash!" may be a reference to the Hulk, a Marvel Comics character.
  • Dr. Mundo's famous quote, "Mundo will go where he pleases." may be a reference to Duke Nukem's quote, "I'll go where I please, and please where I go." This quote is also popular in the League of Legends community.
  • For Dr. Mundo's Corporate skin, many of the quotes are references from various office comedies, such as from the movie Office Space.
    • The line "Mundo smash like a boss!" is a reference to the popular song Like A Boss by The Lonely Island.
    • The quote about the mail room may be a reference to the Broadway musical How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, where the main character starts off working in the mail room like one is supposed to in business.
    • The quote about the ABC's of Mundo - "Always be cleavin" - is a reference to Glengarry Glen Ross where Alec Baldwin's character explains that a good salesman should "always be closing."
    • The line "PC LOAD LETTER? What the Mundo does that mean?" is a reference to the comedy film Office Space.
    • Some of the papers that spill out of Mundo's briefcase have the heading "TPS", a reference to the "TPS reports" in Office Space.

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DrMundoSquare.png Toxic Mundo [О|З]
DrMundoSquare.png Mr. Mundoverse [О|З]
  • It is a reference to the Mr Universe bodybuilding competition.
DrMundoSquare.png Corporate Mundo [О|З]
  • It was originally a legendary skin suggestion made on the forums that gained a lot of popularity.
  • He and his cleaver makes an appearance in the preview video for the Mac Version Launch of League of Legends.
  • He is seen in the Mac trailer for League of Legends.
DrMundoSquare.png Mundo Mundo [О|З]
DrMundoSquare.png Executioner Mundo [О|З]
  • He bears a resemblance to Astaroth from the Soul series.
DrMundoSquare.png Regeborn Mundo [О|З]
DrMundoSquare.png TPA Mundo [О|З]

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League of Legends Now On Mac01:36

League of Legends Now On Mac

Mac Trailer


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