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  • Classic Skin
  • Cowgirl Miss Fortune
  • Waterloo Miss Fortune
  • Secret Agent Miss Fortune
  • Secret Agent Miss Fortune (old)
  • Candy Cane Miss Fortune
  • Road Warrior Miss Fortune

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  • Мисс Фортуна была создана Geeves.
  • Сара Фортуна - её настоящее имя, Miss Fortune - это как misfortune (Несчастье).
    • Это отсылка к старому мифу, что женщина матрос на корабле - к несчастью.
    • Это так же может быть отсылкой на популярный пиратский роман "Остров сокровищ", где один из пиратских антагонистов, Джон Сильвер, называет себя "джентльмен удачи".
  • Her Ultimate's name, Bullet Time.png Bullet Time, is based on a term used in movies in which all action goes into slow-motion, a term coined by the Max Payne video game franchise.
  • Её парные пистолеты, ("Шок" и "Трепет") являются отсылкой к military tactic, которая представляет использование огневой мощи, что бы понизить волю врага и дать отпор.
  • Miss Fortune was one of the champions available to be chosen for the Noxian pool during the 2nd Ionia vs. Noxus match. She was one of the selected champions.
  • Miss Fortune could be a reference to Rue Meridian from "The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara" books by Terry Brooks. Rue Meridian is an airship crew member/mercenary that "is capable of charming any man". They are also visually similar. Gangplank may be visually based off her brother, a captain of the ship. 
  • Her twin pistols can be seen in the Mac Version Launch preview video for League of Legends.
  • Miss Fortune appearance in her classic looks is somewhat similar to Elza from Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. Elza, like Miss Fortune, is also a pirate(sky pirate actually), wears rather revealing attire and equips guns which the barrel have larger circumference at the muzzle.
  • Miss Fortune is third champion to have their IP price reduced twice. Other champions is Warwick and Garen.
  • Miss Fortune's left gun smokes based off her critical hit chance, where the higher the critical hit chance, the more smoke that appears to come off from the gun.

Quotes Править

  • Miss Fortune's selection quote: "Fortune doesn't favor fools!" is likely a spin-off of the Latin saying: "Fortuna favet fortis", which translates to "Fortune favors the brave."
  • Some of her quotes are direct references to Han Solo from Star Wars A New Hope.
    • "I always shoot first": Refers to Han's shoot-out with Greedo.
    • "Don't get cocky": A famous Han Solo quote.
    • "I've got a good feeling about this": Han uses a similar phrase.
    • "Watch your mouth kid, or you'll find yourself respawning at home!": An adapted version of one of Han's lines.
  • The French Taunt is a reference to the movie "The Good, the bad and the Ugly".

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Miss FortuneSquare.png Original Miss Fortune [О|З]
  • The pose she is in for her old Classic skin artwork resembles the Captain Morgan pose.
  • A poster of her in her classic skin has "Work Hard" written at the bottom in the Mac Launch preview.
Miss FortuneSquare.png Waterloo Miss Fortune [О|З]
Miss FortuneSquare.png Mafia Miss Fortune [О|З]
Miss FortuneSquare.png Secret Agent Miss Fortune [О|З]
  • It gives Miss Fortune a modern espionage Femme fatale theme.
  • She resembles the character of Jessica Rabbit of the movie "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?".
  • It closely resembles Ada Wong of Resident Evil Series and Anna Williams of Tekken Series.
  • The background in the second Chinese Secret Agent Miss Fortune splash art alludes to the night street scenes found in Hong Kong Island and Kowloon.
    • One of the neon bulletins in the background, 多兰武器坊, translates to "Doran weapon workshop".
    • The bulletin in the top-right corner has an image of JannaSquare.png Janna. The pose is the same she has in her JannaSquare.png Tempest Janna Chinese splash art.
Miss FortuneSquare.png Cowgirl Miss Fortune [О|З]
Miss FortuneSquare.png Road Warrior Miss Fortune [О|З]
  • The name may have been inspired by the movie Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior.
  • Her Road Warrior Miss Fortune skin closely resembles the post-apocalyptic clothing worn by people in the same movie.
  • The sawed-off double barrel shotgun design for the skin might have been inspired by Max Rockatansky's sawed-off double barrel shotgun from the same movie.
Miss FortuneSquare.png Arcade Miss Fortune [О|З]
  • The splash artwork was drawn by Michelle Hoefener.[1]
  • The skin was inspired by the artwork made by Nyaruko. [2]
  • Her abilities were have taken influence by the artwork made by ValeSora. [3]
  • GangplankSquare.png Gangplank can be seen in her splash art.
  • Her hat resembles the hat that Mario and Wario wear.
  • Her guns resemble the old NES Zappers.
  • Her attacks have particles similar to those found in Warblade (and any typical Shoot 'em up games).
  • When she dies, she blinks out of existence (typical death animation for most old Platformer games).
  • When she recalls, she starts shooting ducks at a TV screen, afterwards GangplankSquare.png Gangplank shows up on the screen to taunt her. This is a homage to the NES game called Duck Hunt.
  • She shares this theme with HecarimSquare.png Hecarim, SonaSquare.png Sona, and VeigarSquare.png Veigar.
  • She has an original Gameboy on her left hip.
  • In the splash artwork, the glove on the top of the trophy has a similar appearance to the gloves worn by Arcade Veigar's.

Relations Править

  • Miss Fortune is searching for the person who killed her mother, a man with red eyes.
  • Miss Fortune has a strong distrust for pirates and she finds herself constantly bickering with the infamous GangplankSquare.png Gangplank (the only captain to resist her charms) over the direction of Bilgewater politics.


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