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  • Lulu was designed by Xypherous.[1]
  • Lulu is voiced by Faye Mata.
  • Lulu is the first champion to be announced directly through an Art Spotlight.
  • Lulu is the first champion to be available for play on the Public Beta Environment before her official release.
  • Lulu is the first champion to have a champion-specific login theme.
  • Lulu is the first champion to utilize polymorph.[1]
  • Prior to the reveal of GnarSquare.png Gnar, Lulu was the oldest known yordle, being a couple of centuries old.
    • Contrary to popular belief Lulu is not inmortal, she just stopped aging during her time in The Glade
  • Lulu possesses the only two unit-targeted abilities in the game (Whimsy.png Whimsy and Help, Pix!.png Help, Pix!) that can be used on all allegiances of champion - herself, allies and enemies.
  • Lulu and AnnieSquare.png Annie are the only champion to have a place in which they are the only champions mentioned, in the The Glade and the Voodoo Lands respectively
  • During her development, Riot designers commonly referred to Lulu as the "Suppordle".
  • While Lulu's main skin is a whimsical fantasy piece, her alternate release skins are both references to recent trends in Dark Fantasy, adding disturbing imagery to her lighthearted kit.
  • Casting Help, Pix!.png Help, Pix! on an enemy will place a debuff on the target and the tooltip reads "Hey! Listen!" at the end of it. This is a reference to Navi from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
  • Lulu grabs her hat and flies on her staff when she casts Whimsy.png Whimsy on herself.
  • Lulu can be a possible reference to Schierke, a young witch-in-training that is accompanied by a little elf from Berserk.
  • Lulu used to be called Waena while in production.[2]
  • Lulu's abilities when used on allies or enemies is aptly named x's Assistance/"Assistance". Victims of Lulu's magic also has a flavor text below it.

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  • LuluSquare.png Lulu's movement quote "Yup, that tasted purple." is likely a reference to Philip Fry's quote from the episode "The Why of Fry" ("Did everything just taste purple for a second?") from the sitcom Futurama.
  • In the Polish client, LuluSquare.png Lulu quote, "Po oczach ich, Pix, po oczach!" (Go for the eyes, Pix, for the eyes!) is a reference to Baldur's Gate 2 character Minsc who says the same thing to his hamster.

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LuluSquare.png Bittersweet Lulu [О|З]
  • It is a possible reference to the German story of Hänsel and Gretel.
  • It is the only skin in which Lulu's ears are not visible.
  • It is also the only skin where her eyes are heterochromatic.
  • Whimsy.png Whimsy turns her enemies into a cupcake.
LuluSquare.png Dragon Trainer Lulu [О|З]
  • It is most likely a reference to the movie How to Train Your Dragon.
  • This skin turns Pix into a small dragon with design reminiscent of dragon designs in How to Train Your Dragon movie.
  • The small dragon that replaces Pix bears a resemblance to Spyro the Dragon.
LuluSquare.png Winter Wonder Lulu [О|З]

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  • According to the new beta site for League of Legends, Lulu is friends with VeigarSquare.png Veigar as they are both magicians and yordle outcasts.[8]
  • Lulu is friends with GnarSquare.png Gnar, as they will both befriend whoever is kind and playful. And they happen to fit that "prerequisite" better than any other champion.

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Lulu Art Spotlight06:43

Lulu Art Spotlight

Art Spotlight

League of Legends - Winter Wonder Lulu00:37

League of Legends - Winter Wonder Lulu

Winter Wonder Lulu

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