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  • Classic Skin
  • Classic Skin (Old)
  • Red Baron Corki
  • Hot Rod Corki

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  • Corki was designed by Coronach.
  • According to Corki's updated lore, he flies a Reconnaissance Operations Front Line (ROFL) Copter, a reference to the Roflcopter of internet subculture.
    • HeimerdingerSquare.png Heimerdinger is the one who made his Reconnaissance Operations Front Line Copter.
  • Corki's dance is referenced from "Do A Barrel Roll", a famous internet meme. A side-by-side comparison can be seen here .
  • There has been some speculation that Corki is possibly inspired by Aurel Vlaicu the Gyrocopter from DotA. This, however, has been proven false, given that Corki was released on Patch V0.9.25.21 which was dated September 19, 2009 while Gyrocopter was released on DotA version 6.68 which is dated July 28, 2010.
    • However, it's very likely that Corki was based on the Warcraft III unit "Dwarven Flying Machine", whose model would later be used by DoTA modders to make "Aurel Vlaicu". All 3 present a midget-like creature on in "convertible" flying machine with two big engines that can fire rockets.

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  • CorkiSquare.png Corki uses many aviator slang phrases when he speaks, several of which humorously convey much more vulgar language:
    • Blackshoe - A derogatory term for non-flying personnel, as World War II aviators traditionally wore brown shoes.
    • Bogey - An unidentified, potentially hostile aircraft.
    • Charlie Foxtrot - Cluster F***, a term used in a situation in which everything has gone completely wrong.
    • Delta Sierra - Dumb S***, an insult towards someone who completely blunders something.
    • Lima Oscar Lima - NATO phonetic for 'LOL,' an Internet slang phrase that means "Laugh Out Loud." Also the acronym for "League of Legends".
    • Nugget - An aviator on his first tour, a rookie or newbie.
    • Sortie - A military mission or attack by a single plane.
    • Speed of Heat - Very, very fast.
    • Spooled Up - Excited. Spooling up is also the act of bringing an aircraft's engines to idling RPMs to prepare for takeoff.
    • Up To Snuff - To be aware of what is going on.
    • Whiskey Delta - Weak D***, an insult aimed at an aviator who caves under pressure.
  • CorkiSquare.png Corki's quote, "This is Major Tom to Ground Control." is a reference to the David Bowie's song "Space Oddity".
  • CorkiSquare.png Corki shares two quotes with ZiggsSquare.png Ziggs - "Bombs away" and "Incoming".

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CorkiSquare.png Ice Toboggan Corki [О|З]
CorkiSquare.png Red Baron Corki [О|З]
  • The Red Baron was a famous German World War I ace. Corki's Red Baron skin resembles Richthofen's plane, except the wings initially featured roundels rather than crosses. With patch V1.0.0.83 however, Riot edited the skin, replacing the roundels with the famed crosses.
  • He shares this theme with VeigarSquare.png Veigar.
CorkiSquare.png UFO Corki [О|З]
  • Corki was the first champion to have 2 legendary skins. Although both skins however have already been retired to the legacy skins vault.
  • All users who signed up before January 14, 2010 received him and UFO Corki for free.
CorkiSquare.png Hot Rod Corki [О|З]
CorkiSquare.png Urfrider Corki [О|З]
  • It was added in early April, 2011 where he is riding UrfSquare.png Urf and using his machine gun.
  • If Corki's attacks crit while using the Urfrider skin, Urf will grunt and throw his spatula at the target.
  • Corki's Urfrider skin is the second skin presented by GANK industries, after BlitzcrankSquare.png Piltover Customs Blitzcrank.

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  • Corki and HeimerdingerSquare.png Heimerdinger's are co-owner of Piltover Customs.
  • Heimerdinger also created Corki's Reconnaissance Operations Front-Line Copter (ROFL copter).

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League of Legends - G.A.N01:19

League of Legends - G.A.N.K Industries Presents Urfrider Corki

Urfrider Corki Trailer

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