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  • Classic Skin
  • Resistance Caitlyn
  • Sheriff Caitlyn
  • Safari Caitlyn
  • Arctic Warfare Caitlyn

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  • Кейтлин разработана Ezreal.
  • Кейтлин первый чемпион выпущенный в 2011 году.
  • У Кейтлин есть свой напарник ViSquare.png Vi. Если в одном матче эти чемпионы вместе то они получают бафф: "On The Case: Piltover's finest ". И при убийстве/асиста они получают +1 дополнительного золота .
  • В матче против вражескойJinxSquare.png Jinx:
    • Кейтлин (и ViSquare.png Vi если они в одной команде) получает бафф "Catch me if you can!".
    • Бафф глоссит: "Jinx is causing chaos again. How obnoxious... Criminals Apprehended:" При убийстве/асисте дает балл в счетчик.
    • +1 дополнительного золота при "поимки" JinxSquare.png criminal.
  • Снайперку Кейтлин можно найти в the Mac Version Launch Video.
  • Both the icon for Yordle Snap Trap.png Yordle Snap Trap and the actual placed traps appear to be bear traps baited with a cupcake. Because of this, many players refer to her traps simply as "cupcakes."
    • Likely as a reference to this, ViSquare.png Vi uses "Cupcake" as a nickname for Caitlyn in some of her special quotes.
  • CaitlynSquare.png Caitlyn has the longest Base Attack Range out of all Champions; 650.
    • At level 13, TristanaSquare.png Tristana's range exceeds Caitlyn's thanks to her passive, Draw a Bead.png Draw a Bead. At level 18 Tristana's range will exceed CaitlynSquare.png Champion by 53 units.
    • If JinxSquare.png Jinx has maxed her Switcheroo!.png Switcheroo!, using her rocket launcher will allow Jinx to outrange CaitlynSquare.png Caitlyn by 50 units as early as level 9.
  • IronStylus has stated when Caitlyn gets a visual update, she will probably have a traditional skin. He hints her look may end up being consistent with Vi, Jayce and Jinx and shows this artwork as a good example of how they might portray her afterwards. The whole article can be found here & here.
  • Caitlyn's dance resembles the basic movements found in modern military drill team performances.

Quotes Править

  • CaitlynSquare.png Caitlyn's "Meet the long gun of the law" quote is a pun on the phrase "Long Arm of the Law".
  • CaitlynSquare.png Caitlyn's quote "Wanna see a hat trick?" is a double entendre referring to the magic hat-trick which is producing an object out of an seemingly empty top hat (similar to the one Caitlyn wears) and the sports term hat trick - doing a triple-feat in any sport e.g. triple-kill in League of Legends, three touchdowns, three goals, etc.
  • CaitlynSquare.png Caitlyn's "Boom. Headshot." quote is a reference to the mockumentary Pure Pwnage episode "M8's," which is also referenced by the Team Fortress 2 "Meet the Sniper" video, in which the eponymous class/character says it while tapping a bobblehead. This quote could also be derived from the classic N64 game "Conker's Bad Fur Day"
  • In Polish client, CaitlynSquare.png Caitlyn's "Bądź czujny jak pies podwójny" ("Be open-eyed, as the doubledog") is a reference to stand-up of Kabaret Moralnego Niepokoju - Wyrywanie Lachonów.
  • Caitlyn's "So many bad guys, so little time" quote is a reference to a Frank Zappa quote "So many books, so little time"

Skins Править

CaitlynSquare.png Original Caitlyn [О|З]
  • Her skin resembles Mad Moxxi from the Borderlands series.
CaitlynSquare.png Safari Caitlyn [О|З]
CaitlynSquare.png Resistance Caitlyn [О|З]
CaitlynSquare.png Arctic Warfare Caitlyn [О|З]
  • This skin might be a reference to the Arctic Warfare series of sniper rifles by Accuracy International.
  • The skin was a special gift for those who bought the PC Gamer US November 2011 Issue in September 2011. The skin was later made available for everyone to purchase on December 29, 2011.
  • More clearly, this skin is an homage to the legendary Finnish sniper Simo Häyhä, who killed 505 Russian soldiers and officers over a span of 100 days during the Russian invasion of Finland in the winter of 1939-1940. Simo has the highest number of confirmed kills of any sniper in any major war in history.
CaitlynSquare.png Officer Caitlyn [О|З]
  • This skin is inspired by American police officer's uniform.
  • She also shares this theme with ViSquare.png Vi.
CaitlynSquare.png Headhunter Caitlyn [О|З]

Relations Править

  • The Hermit of the Howling Abyss knew Caitlyn's mother.
  • Caitlyn is partners with ViSquare.png Vi in the Piltover Sheriff's Department.
    • The two have been chasing after JinxSquare.png Jinx, a dangerous criminal who has been causing serious problems in Piltover for apparently no reason.
  • Caitlyn is also close friends with JayceSquare.png Jayce and EzrealSquare.png Ezreal.

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