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  • Traditional Karma
  • Sun Goddess Karma
  • Sakura Karma

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  • Karma is voiced by Rashida Clendening.
    • Traditional Karma is voiced by Danielle McRae.
    • According to the voice actress, she fused accents of Storm from X-Men and Gaia from Captain Planet to create Traditional Karma's voice.
  • All of Karma's abilities have both an offensive and a defensive component, accentuating the dualism of her character.
    • The black and white robes of her Traditional skin display this as well, exhibiting her black and white side.
  • Karma is one of seven champions to have more than 4 skills, the others being NidaleeSquare.png Nidalee, JayceSquare.png JayceEliseSquare.png Elise,Lee SinSquare.png Lee Sin, HeimerdingerSquare.png Heimerdinger, and GnarSquare.png Gnar.
    • Karma, after her full relaunch, was the fifth champion to have more than 4 skills.
  • Karma is the first champion to feature an art spotlight even before her official arrival.
  • The name Karma and the title "The Enlightened One" are related to Buddha, which is Sanskrit for "enlightened one". The doctrine of karma, the effects good or bad actions have on a person, is prominent in Buddhist, Hindu, Jain and Sikh beliefs.
  • Apart from the changes made to her overall voice the 3 quotes she said when activating her ultimate, Mantra remain the same as in her old voiceover and on her  Traditional Skin
  • Karma is possibly based off Indian backgrounds because her ultimate Mantra is also a naturally occurring force that means "creation of the mind" in the Indian beliefs. Also her name "Karma" literally means "what goes around comes around" (similar to Yin and Yang in Chinese) in Indian language.
  • Karma used to be the only champion whose three main abilities had six ranks and who lacked an upgradable ultimate skill.
  • Karma's old passive was a rework of RyzeSquare.png Champion old passive, Desperate Power.png Desperate Power.
  • Karma's old auto-attack range (425) was the shortest of all champions classified as ranged. She shared this trait with UrgotSquare.png Urgot and MorganaSquare.png Morgana.
  • Traditional Karma keeps her old voice over after her rework, while her Classic, Sun Goddess, and Sakura skins have her new voice over.
    • However both Sakura and Sun Goddess Karma say Traditional Karma's joke "This dress may have been impractical" when moving.
      • This is not entirely true- this quote can also be heard when moving while using the Classic skin.
  • Karma is the first champion to have both redesign and relaunch after their release. The first champion to technically have a redesign was Lee SinSquare.png Lee Sin however, this was before his launch and release.
  • Karma is the fourth champion to feature two champion spotlights due to significant changes to her kit and aesthetics, the others being EzrealSquare.png Ezreal, Lee SinSquare.png Lee Sin and SivirSquare.png Sivir.

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KarmaSquare.png Classic Karma

  • Her quote, "Never again will I sit idle" is a reference to her past self wherein she always meditates.
  • KarmaSquare.png Karma shares a quote with SyndraSquare.png Syndra: "By force of will".
  • Karma's joke is a double entendre.
    • It refers to the fact where her kit makes it rather easy to catch up to an opponent.
    • The other is about karma, where your deeds will always be done to you in due time.
  • Karma's quote "I have seen two paths, and made another between" is likely a reference to the Buddhist belief of the "Middle Way".
  • She also uses a quote ("If you desire peace, you must prepare for war!") based on a latin saying "Si vis pacem, para bellum", which means "If you want peace, prepare for war". This also refers to her Background.

KarmaSquare.png Traditional Karma

  • Her quotes, "Onward always", "To conquer oneself is to conquer all", "Peace begins within" and "I interrupted my meditation for this?", all have connection to Buddhist beliefs.
  • Her joke "Guess what's about to hit the fan" is a reference to the saying "the sh*t hits the fan" meaning that something is about to change radically, like a situation escalating. It is also a pun on the fact that she wields fans as weapons.

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KarmaSquare.png Original Karma [О|З]
  • When dancing, KarmaSquare.png Karma uses a pair of fans except for her classic skin. This is a tribute to her original model where she used fans as her main weapon.
  • KarmaSquare.png Karma is the second Ionian female, after IreliaSquare.png Irelia, whose clothing includes Ionia's "Mantle of Decorum", a large metallic circular decoration floating behind her head. It is Ionia's highest decoration.
  • KarmaSquare.png Karma's Mantle of Decorum is the symbol of Ionia.
KarmaSquare.png Sakura Karma [О|З]
  • This skin depicts her in a Japanese geisha theme.
  • Sakura is the Japanese term for ornamental cherry blossom trees and their blossoms. It is an omen of good fortune and emblem of love.
  • The symbol repeated on the fans of the splash art is the symbol of the Pax Cultura
  • Even though this skin uses uses the post-rework voice, she still says "This dress may have been impractical" from he pre-rework voice when moving.
KarmaSquare.png Sun Goddess Karma [О|З]
  • This skin presents her in a Mesoamerican theme.
  • Her clothes also resemble typical attire used for Carnival.
  • Just like KarmaSquare.png Sakura Karma, Even though this skin uses uses the post-rework voice, she still says "This dress may have been impractical" from he pre-rework voice when moving.
KarmaSquare.png Order of the Lotus Karma [О|З]


  • Karma is an Elder of Ionia, along with IreliaSquare.png Irelia.
  • Karma sees SyndraSquare.png Syndra as a huge unbalancing force that needs to be brought back into line. Karma abhors violence, but she might need to make the terrible choice to advocate a military response to Syndra in the name of peace.
  • Karma sees ZedSquare.png Zed as a dangerous force of chaos in Ionia and believes he must be stopped.
  • She is a close friend of SorakaSquare.png Soraka and Lee SinSquare.png Lee Sin.
  • Karma feels deeply for the pain VarusSquare.png Varus suffered and she is saddened that he lost his way. She is trying desperately to redeem him, but, if push came to shove, she would do whatever was necessary to protect the world from the evil that is consuming him.

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Karma Art Spotlight06:37

Karma Art Spotlight

Art Spotlight

Karma Champion Spotlight06:23

Karma Champion Spotlight

Champion Spotlight

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