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KalistaSquare.png Kalista is a marksman who cooperates with her Soul-Bound to deal substantial sustained damage, access her full repertoire of abilities and wither her enemies under her relentless assault. Kalista’s potential is unlocked by solid communication and cooperation with allies rather than raw mechanical skill. While still capable in her own right, Kalista misses out on Soul-Marks Soul-Marks bonus damage and effective use of her ult without direct cooperation from her ally.

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In lane, Kalista follows the familiar marksman pattern of farm and harass with one important difference: Martial Poise.png Martial Poise makes kiting part and parcel of her kit. With it, Kalista can reposition after every basic attack, hopping in and out of danger to attack opponents and gain superior positioning. Soul-Marked Soul-Marked allows Kalista and her ally to speedily crush down each minion, forcing their opposition to farm under turret and nearly guaranteeing a level two ding ahead of their opponents. With the lane pushed, Kalista can send a Sentinel.png Sentinel up the river to keep watch for incoming threats. This ability takes some vision pressure off her support, allowing both to spend less time at base and more time dictating the pace of the lane.

For trading, Kalista lands Pierce to proc Rend, poking with terrifying speed. While Kalista decides when to answer Fate's Call.png Fate's Call, her Soul-Bound Soul-Bound, often a support, ultimately decideswhere it’ll make its impact. If either Kalista or her Soul-Bound Soul-Bound land significant crowd control on an enemy champion, Fate's Call.png Fate's Call makes the perfect tool to damage and lock down enemies, setting Kalista up to sling the fatal spear.

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Without massive range or a reliable escape, Kalista relies on backline positioning and attentive protection from her allies. Before any teamfight breaks out, Kalista should use Sentinel.png Sentinel to try to spot out sneaky enemies on the edges of the fray. With the battle underway, Kalista metes out strong, consistent punishment with basic attacks, staying safe with precise management of Martial Poise.png Martial Poise. Given time and dependable peel, Kalista’s spears rocket from the backline of every skirmish and teamfight. The damage and stacks add up quick, making Kalista a decisive executor with Rend.

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The ult’s versatility makes it good for peel, a wombo starter or a rescue for your Soul-Bound Soul-Bound used to its full potential, it can be all three. Against dive comps, a timely Fate's Call.png Fate's Call stops a chase dead in its tracks and serves as a counter-engage for your team to follow up. If Kalista’s Soul-Bound Soul-Bound is caught out, a quick ultimate spirits them to safety, burning whatever crowd control the enemies expended and offering the option of dis-or-re-engage. Brave Kalista players (and braver Soul-Bound Soul-Bound) can kick off wombo-combos or follow up on a hard initiation, creating the space Kalista needs clean up the fight from the back lines.

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Soul-Marked Soul-Marked is designed to reveal effective duo-lane teamplay. Often in bot lane, a fight devolves into two 1v1’s happening near each other, rather than a 2v2 that’s won through cooperation between allies. Sentinel.png Sentinels passive emphasizes what’s often the optimal play in these situations: focused fire.

Equally important to helping the player understand the criterion for success is giving them the tools to get there. Tools to cooperate are interesting in that they include more than just formal power. In this vein, Kalista’s kit endeavors to facilitate teamwork by resolving incentives for selfish play and visually communicating intent.

Think of the active on Sentinel.png Sentinel, it relieves your support (and likely Soul-Bound Soul-Bound) of some pressure to keep up vision. That way they’ll more often be available to work together to deal bonus damage and wreak havoc with Fate's Call.png Fate's Call. This sort of design allows us to emphasize tighter, more consistent teamwork without making Kalista so communication dependent that you practically need to play in the same room as your Soul-Bound Soul-Bound.

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Works well with: Struggles against:
Leona OriginalLoading.jpg

Tanky supports like the Radiant Dawn are perfect for Fate's Call.png Fate's Call. After being tossed into the fray by Kalista, Leona can hang onto Zenith Blade.png Zenith Blade to zoom around teamfights applying crowd control where needed. Bonus points for proc-ing Sunlight.png Sunlight and Soul-Bound Soul-Bound at the same time.

Zyra OriginalLoading.jpg

Kalista’s slow basic attack leaves her vulnerable to the lockdown of Grasping Roots.png Grasping Roots. The Spear of Vengeance The Spear of Vengeance must carefully manage Martial Poise.png Martial Poise to survive this lane opponent.

Janna OriginalLoading.jpg

On face, it may not seem like a great idea to toss the fragile Janna into the enemy team, but Fate's Call.png Fate's Call and Monsoon.png Monsoon combine to split enemy teams asunder.

Ezreal OriginalLoading.jpg

Ezreal’s kit dulls the edge of Kalista’s spears: He outpokes her with Mystic Shot.png Mystic Shot and can escape the danger posed by Rend.png Rend and Fate's Call.png Fate's Call with a quick Arcane Shift.png Arcane Shift.

Malphite OriginalLoading.jpg

Imagine Fate's Call.png Fate's Call and Unstoppable Force.png Unstoppable Force smacking sequentially into the enemy team—the area of effect knockup double tap will win you most fights.

Master Yi OriginalLoading.jpg
Master Yi

Highlander.png Highlander causes problems for Kalista since her primary escape tool applies a slow. If Kalista and her ally can’t nail Master Yi with Fate's Call.png Fate's Call, she’s likely to be chopped up, Wuju Style.

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