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There is no greater symbol of Noxian might than Darius, the nation's most feared and battle-hardened warrior. Orphaned at a young age, Darius had to fight to keep himself and his DravenSquare.png younger brother alive. By the time he joined the military, he had already developed the strength and discipline of a veteran soldier. The first true test of Darius' resolve occurred in a crucial battle against Demacia, where the Noxian forces were exhausted and outnumbered. Darius' captain called for his troops to retreat, but Darius refused to accept such an act of cowardice. Breaking formation, Darius strode towards the captain and decapitated him with one sweep of his gigantic axe. Both terrified and inspired, the soldiers followed Darius into battle and fought with incredible strength and fervor. After a long and grueling battle, they ultimately emerged victorious.

Seizing momentum from this victory, Darius led his now fiercely loyal troops in a devastating campaign against Demacia. After proving his power on the battlefield, Darius turned his gaze homeward. He saw a Noxus riddled with weakness, where greedy, complacent nobles drained the nation's strength. Seeking to restore his country to greatness, Darius took it upon himself to reshape the Noxian leadership. He identified weak figureheads and violently removed them from their positions of power. Many in Noxus saw Darius' cull as an attempt to seize power, but he had a different plan for the throne. He had been watching the rise of SwainSquare.png Jericho Swain with keen interest. In Swain, Darius saw a leader with the mind and determination to bring Noxus to glory. Now allied with the Master Tactician, Darius works to unite the nation behind his vision of true Noxian strength.

"A united Noxus could control the world - and would deserve to."

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Upon selection
  • Play "Только я могу привести нас к победе."

  • Play "They will regret opposing me."
  • Play "Death by my hand."
  • Play "With overwhelming force."
  • Play "Exploit every weakness."
  • Play "Witness true strength."
  • Play "Unmatched power!"
  • Play "Scurry, weakling."
  • Play "I will not rest."
  • Play "Strength above all."
  • Play "Noxus will rise."
  • Play "I do not tolerate cowardice."
  • Play "Make no mistakes."
  • Play "Carve a path."
  • Play "Never retreat!"
  • Play "Stay alert."
  • Play "My destination is clear."
  • Play "I have my orders."

Darius spins his axe around him, but becomes dizzy.

  • Play "Noxuuu... oh, woah, oof! How does he do it?"
  • Play "Noxuuu... ohhh... ugh. Dizzy."
  • Play "Don't turn your back, or expose your neck."
  • Play "Defy Noxus and taste your own blood."
  • Play Darius laughs.
  • Play Darius laughs.
  • Play Darius laughs.

Upon starting a game
  • Play "Autographs after the game."
  • Play "I don't need a buzzer to tell me when to start dominating."
  • Play "The dunk prophecies are true. Darius has arrived."
  • Play "You even trying?"
  • Play "You know who I am."
  • Play "I burn the playbook."
  • Play "You all play. I win!"
  • Play "I'm here to dunk."
  • Play "You the mascot?"
  • Play "Talent wins games. Period."
  • Play "I make it happen."
  • Play "Hey, it's a physical game."
  • Play "Win or go home."
  • Play "It looks easy, but I'm just that good."
  • Play "It's okay to be afraid... if you're bad."
  • Play "My stats speak for themselves."
  • Play "What you didn't see? Quickness."
  • Play "Eye on the ball - or your face."
  • Play "Don't hate the player - hate yourself."
  • Play "The key to victory is giving me the ball."
  • Play "I'm the full package. Playmaker, spine breaker."
  • Play "Whose court is this? Damn right it's mine!"
  • Play "Dunk is the gift I give to you."
  • Play "Like my kicks? Take a closer look!"
  • Play "You want a piece of the D-man?"
  • Play "Every lane is my lane."
  • Play "Darius knows dunk."
  • Play "Dunkin' ain't easy."
  • Play "I execute - on goals."
  • Play "What's 'passing'?"
  • Play "It's all muscle memory."
  • Play "Always dunk for the throat."
  • Play "I don't give 100%, I take it."
  • Play "What the ref doesn't see is legal."
  • Play "It's game time."
  • Play "I don't practice."
  • Play "Don't break rules, dunk them."
  • Play "Whose house? My house."
  • Play "Any game I play is a home game."
  • Play "When you're finished training, train more."
  • Play "I don't play the game, I am the game."
  • Play "I don't see a team, I see coattail passengers."
  • Play "There's no I in team, but there is one in Darius."
  • Play "Somebody had to be me, might as well be me."
  • Play "Better call traveling because I'm going places."
  • Play "Is this seriously what I'm up against?"
  • Play "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realise this was a charity game."
  • Play "Amateur hour."
  • Play "You might wanna go get a day job."
  • Play "Be straight with me - who let you in here?"
  • Play "Here's a good candidate for the Hall of Shame."
  • Play "Why'd you show up without my towel?"
  • Play "This is the dunk train, running you down."
  • Play "Was your plan: all pain, no gain?"
  • Play AmumuSquare "No-one wants to play with you, Amumu."
  • Play AmumuSquare "Hey, mummy! I'll give you something to cry about!"
  • Play AmumuSquare "Oh look, Amumu. Your coach run out of last picks?"
  • Play BrandSquare "Judging by your face, Brand, I'd say we've met before."
  • Play "What do cops and donuts have in common? I dunk them!"
  • Play DianaSquare "Diana. Pale, white and cratered."
  • Play DravenSquare "Hey, Draven! Momma said you were adopted!"
  • Play DrMundoSquare "You'll go where I tell you, Mundo."
  • Play DrMundoSquare "Hey, Mundo! I hope you please to go to the fountain."
  • Play "Nice glove, Ezreal, maybe you can use it to pick yourself up after the game."
  • Play FiddlesticksSquare "Fiddlesticks. Spooky."
  • Play GangplankSquare "Arrrr... you suck."
  • Play GarenSquare "Nice spin, Garen, that'll help while I run circles around you."
  • Play "What's your secret ingredient, Gragas? Failure?"
  • Play "Bring an umbrella, it's raining dunks!"
  • Play Lee SinSquare "Hey, Lee Sin! Feast your eyes on- oh, my bad."
  • Play LeonaSquare "Oh no, it's Leona. I'm gonna get a tan."
  • Play LuluSquare "Uh oh, here comes Lulu and the butterfly."
  • Play "Sorry, Malphite, I've got the rock now!"
  • Play "Hey, Maokai, I know a court you might've been related to!"
  • Play "Maokai, you'd be better as the bench."
  • Play "What is it you mastered, Yi? Sucking?"
  • Play "Nocturne. Spooky."
  • Play "I don't get nightmares, Nocturne, but you are putting me to sleep."
  • Play "Thanks, Orianna, you brought a ball for me to dunk on you with!"
  • Play RammusSquare "Ball up again, Rammus. Makes it easier to dunk you."
  • Play "Look alive, Sion! Oh, right."
  • Play SonaSquare "Hi, Sona! That was the sound of you failing!"
  • Play SonaSquare "Sona, I hear you can't talk. I know you can't play."
  • Play SorakaSquare "You called for a star, Soraka?"
  • Play TrundleSquare "You look as good as you play, Trundle."
  • Play "Udyr - four stances, no style."
  • Play ViSquare "Those are some pretty big hands to drop the ball with, Vi."
  • Play VladimirSquare "The only blood on the court will be yours, Vlad."
  • Play "Rewind that, Zilean, I wanna see it again."
  • Play ZyraSquare "Go home, shrub."
  • Play "Got my PhD in Dunk... and class is in session."
  • Play "I'm in the business of dunking, and business is good."
  • Play "From the fountain, off your face, nothing but dunk."
  • Play Darius laughs.
  • Play Darius laughs.
  • Play Darius laughs.
  • Play Darius laughs.
Upon casting Decimate.png Decimate
Upon casting Apprehend.png Apprehend
Upon casting Noxian Guillotine.png Noxian Guillotine
Upon buying boots
  • Play "Shoes are worth more after I wear them."
  • Play "They should pay me to wear these."
  • Play "Noxus Air - the only brand I wear."
  • Play "It isn't the shoes, it's me."
  • Play "If you like my shoes, you can always find them stomping all over the competition!"
Upon buying Frozen Mallet item.png Frozen Mallet
  • Play "Let me teach you about persistence."
  • Play "Stay on the man."
  • Play "Reliable tools are the only way Darius gets the job done. Frozen Mallet - put your problems on ice!"
Upon buying Infinity Edge item.png Infinity Edge
  • Play "Infinity Dunk on the way."
  • Play "For a dunk legend like me, only Infinity Edge will do. Infinity Edge - the closest shave."
Upon buying Sunfire Cape item.png Sunfire Cape
  • Play "Yeah! Come guard me now!"
  • Play "That's right, I'm on what?"
  • Play "Put more people on me. I like it."
  • Play "You think I was hot before?"
Upon buying The Bloodthirster item.png The Bloodthirster
  • Play "It's not gear until someone bleeds on it."
  • Play "You gotta' want it, you gotta' bleed for it."
  • Play "I'm gonna rename this - Dunkthirster!"
Upon buying Ravenous Hydra item.png Ravenous Hydra
  • Play "When I'm hungry, I turn to Ravenous Hydra. Pure energy - no carbs."
Upon buying Trinity Force item.png Trinity Force
  • Play "The Trinity is where dunk meets dunk... meets... dunk."
  • Play "Three reasons I'm the best - D, U, and Unk."
Upon buying Randuin's Omen item.png Randuin's Omen
  • Play "Knowing you're up against Darius is all the omen you need."
  • Play "Everyone around me is moving in slow motion."
  • Play "You can try to follow me. Really - try."
Upon buying Maw of Malmortius item.png Maw of Malmortius
  • Play "Put your Mortius where your mouth is!"
  • Play "Let 'em think you're done, then put it down!"
  • Play "I'm the only magic allowed on the court."
Upon placing a Sight Ward item.png ward
  • Play "You gotta see the whole court."
  • Play "Keep your head on a swivel."
  • Play "There. Don't say I'm not a team player."
Upon casting Recall.png Recall
  • Play "Quick substitution."
  • Play "The game will resume when I return."
  • Play "I'll be back, delay the game."
Upon completing Recall.png Recall
  • Play "Stay hydrated."
  • Play "Put me back in."
  • Play "So this is what the bench looks like."
  • "Triple team me! Save me some time!"
  • "You can all share... in the dunkstruction!"
  • "Three way dunk? I got this."
  • "Dat fail."

Co-op vs. AI ResponsesПравить

Match start

  • "Strength will prevail!"

Player team victory

  • "GG!"

Player team defeat

  • "You have proven your strength."

Development Править

Darius was designed by CertainlyT.

  • The Blood Brothers Poster.jpg DariusSquare.png Darius and DravenSquare.png Draven are known as "The Blood Brothers".
  • Darius Sculpture
  • Darius Turnaround
  • Bioforge Darius concept (by Riot Artist The-Bravo-Ray)
  • Woad King Darius model
  • Darius (New Dawn) model concept
  • Darius (New Dawn) concept

Champion Sneak Peek Править

Announcement made by NeeksNaman:[1]

Файл:Darius Teaser.jpg

"If you've ever been frustrated by your progress in a given position, you might want to look to Darius, the Hand of Noxus, for inspiration. In order to secure his own advancement, this determined champion has repeatedly employed the foolproof method of lopping his boss' head off. So whether you believe that the road to power is paved with the headless bodies of your enemies, or you simply think that a good beheading is a rather expedient method of dealing with red tape, we think that you'll agree that Darius makes a fine addition to the League of Legends."

Riot Games does not endorse participation in any beheadings, decapitations or other incidences of fatal mayhem. In the event that you should experience sudden bouts of Machiavellian violence or rapid and very explicable career advancement, please consult your doctor or therapist. By purchasing Darius you absolve Riot Games of responsibility for any maniacal rampages that may ensue.

Darius Mechanics Preview Править

Announcement made by NeeksNaman:[2]

"If you're fond of cutting a swath through your enemies on the way to scoring that epic killing blow, look no further than Darius, the Hand of Noxus. This focused and deadly warrior specializes in focused attacks and attrition damage, closing out his assault with heavy damage nukes. At the heart of Darius' kit is his passive ability: Hemorrhage. Darius' basic attacks and damaging abilities all cause the target to bleed for additional damage over time. This effect can stack up to five times, also giving Darius some bonus movement speed for each enemy champion currently afflicted and granting his other abilities additional effects.

In team fights, Darius can start off by using Decimate to quickly apply his bleed on a number of enemies. These Hemorrhage debuffs will not only give him a hefty movement speed bonus, but also interact with his other abilities for added effect. To pursue a fleeing enemy, the added speed from his passive combines with Crippling Slash, an attack that slows the opponent and refunds part of the cooldown for each stack of Hemorrhage currently affecting the target. Even in the event an adversary should start to slip away, Darius can use Apprehend to pull them back within reach.

Finally, to close out this relentless assault in an appropriately brutal manner, Darius can employ his ultimate ability, Noxian Guillotine. Leaping forward, Darius strikes a lethal blow that deals true damage plus a hefty bonus for each stack of Hemorrhage currently applied. Additionally, if Darius scores a killing blow in the process, the cooldown on Noxian Guillotine is immediately refunded. This allows him to redouble and continue his bloody work on an additional opponent (or opponents, as the case may be). Watching this vicious champion dart through the fray, decapitating foe after foe in rapid succession can be a truly terrifying and epic sight!"

Patch History Править


  • Stats
    • Base armor increased to 24 from 20.



  • Apprehend.png Apprehend
    • Undocumented: animation is slower and has a wind-up.
    • Range decreased to 540 from 550.


  • Noxian Guillotine.png Noxian Guillotine
    • Reworked - When Noxian Guillotine kills the target, it can be recast within the next 12 seconds. This can occur multiple times in succession.
    • Cooldown adjusted to 120/100/80 seconds from 100 at all ranks.


  • Stats
    • Base movement speed increased to 340 from 315.



  • Hemorrhage.png Hemorrhage:
    • Bonus attack damage ratio reduced to 0.3 from 0.4.
    • Fixed a bug where it was applying Rylai's Crystal Scepter item.png Rylai's Crystal Scepter slow and spell vamp effects.
  • Apprehend.png Apprehend
    • Pre-pull animation modified to be more readable for enemy champions.
  • Noxian Guillotine.png Noxian Guillotine
    • Cooldown now only refreshes when it deals the killing blow.

V1.0.0.140: Added

  • Hemorrhage.png Hemorrhage (Innate)
    • Darius aims his attacks strategically, causing his target to bleed. This effect stacks up to 5 times.
  • Decimate.png Decimate (Q)
    • Darius swings his axe in a wide circle. Enemies struck by the blade take more damage than those struck by the shaft.
  • Crippling Strike.png Crippling Strike (W)
    • Darius' next attack severs a crucial artery. As the target bleeds out, their movement and attack speeds are slowed. Crippling Strike's cooldown is lower the more bloodied the target.
  • Apprehend.png Apprehend (E)
    • Darius hones his axe, granting him passive armor penetration. When activated, Darius sweeps up his enemies with his axe's hook and pulls them to him.
  • Noxian Guillotine.png Noxian Guillotine (Ultimate)
    • Darius leaps to an enemy champion and strikes a lethal blow, dealing true damage. This damage increases for each stack of Hemorrhage on the target. If Noxian Guillotine is a killing blow, its cooldown is refreshed.

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