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  • Вай была разработана gypsylord.
  • Вай озвучала Cia Court.
  • У вай есть специальные easter eggs:
    • Если она играет с союзной 
  1. REDIRECT Template:Character icon, то:
      • Они обе получают бафф "On The Case: Piltover's finest".
      • +1 movement speed если рядом Caitlyn.
      • +1 дополнительного золота при совершения поддержки или убийства.
      • Три новой фразы, когда Caitlyn использует  Ace in the Hole.png Ace in the Hole.
    • Если она играет против вражеской CaitlynSquare.png Caitlyn:
      • If Vi taunts while near an enemy Caitlyn, she will perform one of two special taunts. Doing so debuffs the Caitlyn with "Agitated: How Agitating", which will remain until Caitlyn damages Vi or Caitlyn dies.
      • Если вражеская Сaitlyn не убивает с помощью Ace in the Hole.png Ace in the Hole чемпиона, то Вай может выкрикнуть 3 из специальных враз.
    • She features a unique shout when she uses Assault and Battery.png Assault and Battery on an enemy JayceSquare.png Jayce. There may be additional interactions with Jayce. [1]
    • When playing against an enemy JinxSquare.png Jinx:
      • Causes Vi, also to an allied CaitlynSquare.png Caitlyn if she is present, to get a debuff "Catch me if you can!".
      • The debuff reads "Jinx is causing chaos again. How obnoxious... Criminals Apprehended:" followed by a counter that represents the number of Jinx kills/assists.
      • +1 bonus gold for every JinxSquare.png criminal they apprehend.
  • Vi's login theme ("Here Comes Vi") was sung by Nicki Taylor , lead singer of the band "Running the Risk".
    • Vi is the second champion whose login theme contains sung lyrics. The first was DianaSquare.png Diana and her theme "Daylight's End".
    •  Nicki Taylor also was in the rap This is War 2: Piltover VS Zaun. as Vi.
  • Vi is the first champion to be revealed by a feedback thread rather than by a sneak peek or art spotlight.[2]
  • Prior to her PBE release, Vi's character archetype had been in and out of development for two years.[3]
  • Vi's last two abilities, "Excessive Force" and "Assault and Battery", are named after real criminal charges. Excessive force is a form of police brutality, while assault and battery are two different but similar crimes. Both go along with Vi's background and theme.
  • Shortly before the release of JinxSquare.png Jinx, Vi's Champion page (if opened from the home page) was 'graffitied' on. This was thought to be a teaser of an upcoming champion. Many members of the community believed it would be her sister, a member of the group she was in, or both. More information can be found on JinxSquare.png Champion page.
    • Jinx, according to her lore, has a history with Vi. Vi apparently has been a rival with Jinx ever since Jinx came to Piltover.
  • Vi is referred by Jinx as 'fat hands', that is, due to her giant gauntlets.
  • Vi's dance is the Dougie. A side-by-side comparison can be seen here .
  • "Vis" is Latin for "force". To be exact, "Vi" is ablative singular and means "with force", which can be related to Vi's design.
  • VI is the number 6 in Roman Numerals. Because of this, many players are attempting to find some significance between the number 6 and Vi.
    • VI, being the roman numeral for six, could be a reference to her relationship with Caitlyn. This meaning that she has her partner's back, or in other terms her 'six'.
    • Vi's lore states that she became part of her former gang at the age of six.
    • This could also refer to the Sixth Amendment (of the USA), concerning criminal prosecution which is also a running theme of Vi.
    • The number 6 can be seen on Vi's left breast and on the badge on her police cap in her Officer Vi skin
  • Vi is, along with CaitlynSquare.png Caitlyn, LissandraSquare.png Lissandra, RumbleSquare.png Rumble, VarusSquare.png Varus, XerathSquare.png Xerath, and ZiggsSquare.png Ziggs, one of the few champions that can CC themselves.
  • Vi has the shortest name in League of Legends, at two letters long.
  • Vi's taunt makes her do the "Ali shuffle" which fits well with her punching theme.
  • Vi's ability kit contains all "knock" crowd control effects: knockback on her Vault Breaker.png Vault Breaker and both knockup and knock aside on her Assault and Battery.png Assault and Battery.
  • Vi has a light on her back that when glowing indicates her passive Blast Shield.png Blast Shield is ready to use (similar to AnnieSquare.png Champion stun).
  • According to ohmikegoodness at PAX 2013, Vi was originally named "Ruby" and rode around on rollerskates during her initial design.
  • According to ohmikegoodness during AMA about Aatrox, Vi is left-handed.[4]
  • According to this info, Vi with her gauntles weighs about 8,140 lbs.

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  • Vi has special quotes for JayceSquare.png Jayce and CaitlynSquare.png Caitlyn.
  • ViSquare.png Vi shares quotes with CaitlynSquare.png Caitlyn either mocking her if they are on opposite teams or praising her if they are allied.
    • "Oh, look at me... I'm on the case." (as opposed to just "I'm on the case.")
    • "Boom! Headshot."
  • ViSquare.png Vi refers to CaitlynSquare.png Caitlyn as "Cupcake" in some of her quotes. This is likely due to Yordle Snap Trap.png Yordle Snap Trap CaitlynSquare.png Caitlyn featuring a cupcake as the bait.
    • "Cupcake" can also be a term of endearment towards females, particularly in parts of the United Kingdom, a reference to Caitlyn's conspicuous British accent.
  • ViSquare.png Vi's quote when using her ultimate, "Get dunked!" may be a reference to the "Dunkmaster" Yi build and video, which repeats the phrase often. The quote comes from "Charles Barkley's Shut Up and Jam Gaiden" a non-serious indie RPG game.
  • Many of ViSquare.png Vi's quotes are cliches / catchphrases with a humorous twist.
  • ViSquare.png Vi's "Here I come to save the day...or wreck it." is a reference to the once-popular Terrytoons character Mighty Mouse, who would triumphantly proclaim he had come to save the day in the opening theme.
  • ViSquare.png Vi's "Nope." seems to be a reference to Nope meme video about the Engineer class from Team Fortress 2, as she could be considered an engineer as well.
    • It might also me a reference to the video Nope, Jayce!, as both Vi and Jayce originate from Piltover and the exclamation "Nope!" is used as a reaction to a misused enemy spell.
  • ViSquare.png Vi shares a quote with OlafSquare.png Brolaf: "Boom, baby!"
  • ViSquare.png Vi's quote "We can either do this the hard way, or... Oh wait, no. There's just the hard way." is a reference to a similar line from Buffy: the Vampire Slayer.
    • Also on that show there is a character named Vi.

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ViSquare.png Neon Strike Vi [О|З]
  • Neon Strike Vi was the first skin in the game you can interact with. When you use /taunt you can take off or put on your glasses.
  • Recall animation has her perform a selection of poses from One Piece's Franky, a cyborg with enormous fists.
  • Her hair color and hair style is reminiscent of One Piece's Franky.
  • Her outfit resembles Zero Suit Samus.
  • In her splash art, a letter M similar to the McDonalds logo can be seen just below the forefinger of her left arm.
  • Her glasses resemble the glasses of Jubilee from X-men.
  • It can also be a reference to REDLINE.
  • It can also be a reference to Gurren Lagann.
  • The sounds for her Recall animation are primarily made up of sword shings/slides/strikes and smaller dagger clangs, as explained by C3Sound in this article.
ViSquare.png Officer Vi [О|З]
  • In her splash art, JinxSquare.png Jinx can be seen laying in the giant donut in the background.
  • On her concept art, there is an acronym placed on her gauntlets. It probably means Riot Games Police Departement (RGPD). 
  • When she taunts CaitlynSquare.png Caitlyn, the tea-cup is replaced by a doughnut.
  • This skin was inspired in a work of "2gold"
  • She also shares this theme with CaitlynSquare.png Caitlyn.
ViSquare.png Debonair Vi [О|З]

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  • According to Lyte, the hermit in the Howling Abyss, Vi has a sister.
  • Vi is partners with CaitlynSquare.png Caitlyn in Piltover's Sheriff's Department.
  • Vi is also close friends with JayceSquare.png Jayce and EzrealSquare.png Ezreal.
  • Vi has an antagonistic relationship with JinxSquare.png Jinx referring to her as a pain in the neck, and obnoxious. 

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Vi's Theme - "Here Comes Vi"
She's such a misfit. Always ready to brawl

It's like her business, roughing up your friends is the law
There is no difference if you believe you're strong
She's a bulldozer making sure you're flat on the ground

She's like a boomerang, who never gives up
She flies in circles till she hits you and you're biting the dust
So just remember this, when she's chasing you down
Face first, you'll be thrown onto the Proving Grounds.
She'll knock you out.

Have you ever really wanted to be a total rebel flippin' tables on the enemy?
Did you ever try to further improve how fast you punch people through the roof? Oh,
Was there ever any certain time when you thought brute force and style combined? Well,
I guess now's time to shine. Cause finally, she's here, here comes Vi

And as a matter of fact, the best bet one has is to quickly react
To the first attack that's aiming for the bones
Cause she'll never pull back and just risk it.

Have you ever really wanted to be a total rebel flippin' tables on the enemy?
Did you ever try to further improve how fast you punch people through the roof? Oh,
Was there ever any certain time when you thought brute force and style combined? Well,
I guess now's time to shine. Cause finally! She's here! Here comes Vi!

Vi Champion Spotlight

Vi Champion Spotlight

Champion Spotlight

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  4. We're the Aatrox team. AMA!. Retrieved on 2013-05-23. “Unrelated, I made Vi left handed because I'm a southpaw fighter! ;D”

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