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  • Mana Barrier.png Mana Barrier can be a great source of survivability if itemized for, and its low cooldown ensures it is almost always up for skirmishes.
    • Do not rely on Mana Barrier.png Mana Barrier in the laning phase, due to BlitzcrankSquare.png Champion low base mana and high costs.
    • During a gank/fight, consider conserving your mana, to increase the effectiveness of Mana Barrier.png Mana Barrier.
  • Rocket Grab.png Rocket Grab is BlitzcrankSquare.png Champion signature skill, with immense utility when used well.
    • Rocket Grab.png Rocket Grab has a distinctive cast sound; try casting it out of enemy sight to avoid them hearing it.
    • Aim your shots from unexpected angles to increase their chances of landing, such as through an enemy minion about to die.
    • BlitzcrankSquare.png Blitzcrank can allow your team to invade the enemy jungle at the start of the match due to the threat you pose with Rocket Grab.png Rocket Grab.
    • With perfect warding placement at your enemies tribush or jungle, Rocket Grab.png Rocket Grab can be used to steal, or to get a kill with your team mates.
    • Avoid hitting certain champions that would benefit from getting pulled into your team as a free initiation, such as AmumuSquare.png Amumu, ГалиоSquare.png Galio, or KarthusSquare.png Karthus.
    • If you are about to grab an enemy with silencing effects, you may want to activate Power Fist.png Power Fist before the grab to ensure the combo.
  • At level 2, Rocket Grab.png Rocket Grab and Power Fist.png Power Fist's crowd control can easily help your lane get kills. You can also use this combination to punish enemies who towerdive.
  • Use Overdrive.png Overdrive to get BlitzcrankSquare.png Blitzcrank on top of priority targets to lock them down with Power Fist.png Power Fist.
  • Static Field.png Static Field's passive damage is deceptively high over the course of a fight, so try to not use the active until necessary.
    • You will want to use Static Field.png Static Field's active when you can hit most of the enemy team, when the silence is needed to interrupt an enemy channeled spell, or when it can finish off a foe.
  • If you know that an enemy champion plans to dodge your Rocket Grab.png Rocket Grab with Flash or a dash ability, activate  Static Field.png Static Field to silence them before grabbing.
    • Alternately you can activate Static Field.png Static Field after using your grab to prevent them from flashing away or using another escape.
  • You can stand in front of enemy minions where the enemy thinks they are safe, and then use Static Field.png Static Field to clear the minion wave and use Rocket Grab.png Rocket Grab.
  • BlitzcrankSquare.png Blitzcrank players will generally want to max their Overdrive.png Overdrive and Power Fist.png Power Fist as priorities; Rocket Grab.png Rocket Grab does its job at rank 1 by pulling enemies into BlitzcrankSquare.png Champion melee range, where his other two basic abilities make him very difficult to escape.
    • If your team has long-range crowd control such as Dark Binding.png Dark Binding MorganaSquare.png Morgana, it can sometimes pay off to put points into Rocket Grab.png Rocket Grab to greatly increase the damage, as well as a much-desired cooldown decrease.
    • As support you will want to either max Rocket Grab.png Rocket Grab or Overdrive.png Overdrive first. Rocket Grab.png Rocket Grab should be maxed for shorter cooldowns and higher damage, and Overdrive.png Overdrive should be maxed if you need to move faster. Maxing Overdrive.png Overdrive first means you can skip boots early, and go for your GP/10 items faster. Maxing Power Fist.png Power Fist on support BlitzcrankSquare.png Blitzcrank is almost useless, since you won't build AD, and it only shortens the cooldown.
  • When playing support BlitzcrankSquare.png Blitzcrank against a squishy bot laner or a bot laner with low CC, you can walk up to the enemy AD carry or support instead of initiating with Rocket Grab.png Rocket Grab. This can be done by activating Overdrive.png Overdrive and using Power Fist.png Power Fist when you are in range of your target. Then when your target tries to escape, use Rocket Grab.png Rocket Grab to pull the target back in. This is almost always a secure kill, or at least a force of the enemy's summoner spells. When you do this, make sure your AD carry follows up. If your AD carry doesn't go in with you, you will most likely lose the trade and maybe even die.
  • Wards are a very good early-game choice for Blitzcrank, allowing him to be able to cast Rocket Grab at an enemy in a warded bush.

Build usage Править

Recommended buildsПравить

Summoner's Rift
Starting Ancient Coin item 24px Sight Ward item Health Potion item
Essential Boots of Mobility item Sightstone item Glacial Shroud item Nomad's Medallion item
Offensive Ohmwrecker item Manamune item Iceborn Gauntlet item 24px
Defensive Banshee's Veil item Aegis of the Legion item Talisman of Ascension item
Consumables Health Potion item Mana Potion item Sight Ward item Vision Ward item
The Howling Abyss
Starting Ionian Boots of Lucidity item Faerie Charm item Health Potion item3 Mana Potion item
Essential Glacial Shroud item Sheen item Manamune item
Offensive Iceborn Gauntlet item Trinity Force item
Defensive Banshee's Veil item Aegis of the Legion item Frozen Heart item Randuin's Omen item
Consumables Health Potion item Mana Potion item
The Crystal Scar
Starting Boots of Speed item Kindlegem item Health Potion item2
Essential Boots of Mobility item Sheen item Glacial Shroud item
Offensive Manamune item Trinity Force item Talisman of Ascension item
Defensive Iceborn Gauntlet item Frozen Heart item Odyn's Veil item
Consumables Health Potion item Mana Potion item
The Twisted Treeline
Starting Boots of Speed item Sapphire Crystal item Health Potion item2
Essential Mercury's Treads item Sheen item Glacial Shroud item
Offensive Manamune item Iceborn Gauntlet item Trinity Force item
Defensive Banshee's Veil item Frozen Heart item
Consumables Health Potion item Mana Potion item

Countering Править

  • Staying behind minions is a great way to protect yourself against Rocket Grab.png Rocket Grab BlitzcrankSquare.png Blitzcrank during the laning phase.
    • It is possible to dodge a Rocket Grab.png Rocket Grab by moving perpendicular to the extended arm as it launches, causing it to miss you.
  • Be wary of BlitzcrankSquare.png Champion location when he is in the bushes. He will more than likely try to initiate with Rocket Grab.png Rocket Grab.
    • Grabbing a ward for vision in the brush counters this tactic well.
  • When fighting a support BlitzcrankSquare.png Blitzcrank, his damage will be much lower than his allied AD carry. Don't be afraid to force a fight if he has used Rocket Grab.png Rocket Grab and/or Power Fist.png Power Fist recently.
  • Be careful not to over-commit when attacking BlitzcrankSquare.png Blitzcrank. He will gain shield through his Mana Barrier.png Mana Barrier when his health gets low. This can either result in BlitzcrankSquare.png Blitzcrank managing to escape from or kill you.
    • The best way to counter this is to wait until he drains his mana through his spells.
    • If you see BlitzcrankSquare.png Blitzcrank has low mana, try to go after him. He only gains a shield equal to 50% of his current mana.
  • Some bottom picks, such as EzrealSquare.png Ezreal, TaricSquare.png Taric or SivirSquare.png Sivir effectively counter BlitzcrankSquare.png Blitzcrank by being able to avoid or block his Rocket Grab.png Rocket Grab or by being tankier and harder hitting than he is; study what champions counter and suffer against BlitzcrankSquare.png Blitzcrank to better your laning phase.
  • Save your channeled spells as Static Field.png Static Field will briefly silence you and end your channeled spell.
  • Beware of BlitzcrankSquare.png Blitzcrank trying to bait you. Be sure you know his Mana Barrier.png Mana Barrier is not up before you chase him down.
  • Champions that can poke well without putting themselves in much danger, such as VarusSquare.png Varus or CaitlynSquare.png Caitlyn are able to harass while being considerably safer from Rocket Grab.png Rocket Grab than others.
  • When BlitzcrankSquare.png Blitzcrank goes for an unexpected grab, usually his allies are close by. Use this to your advantage and have teammates purposefully get pulled and have teammates follow the initiate as usually the enemies swarm the person getting grabbed.

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Blitzcrank Champion Spotlight06:42

Blitzcrank Champion Spotlight

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